Sunday, September 4, 2011

Even Gods in India are Chinese

Yes, all Gods in India are in fact Chinese. You will quickly protest here. Don't do. Hindus have more Gods then we can ever count. And you know what, it's good. More Gods, more profits to crazy guys in China.

China has some interesting features which not a single country in World seems to snatch. They build cheap, sell cheap and earn big. Why? Though their products are cheap, they have big market; the whole world, thus big profit.

Recent most interesting trend is 'what's happening in India's Godsville'. While Pune and Mumbai is celebrating their biggest annual event Ganesh Festival, other cities also seems to have similar festivities going on. During these festivals, each family needs a God idol [An idol for each person if possible. Sounds like personal councilor :P]. That means Indians literally need hundreds of millions of Idols if not billions. They used to use idols of clay before Chinese knew about Indian Gods. Now news report says almost everyone uses Idols imported from China. The bigger demand, the bigger smile on those Chinese faces. They don't get tired. They are happy. They were always happy since 1980s. After all, they are creators of the Gods.

This is pretty interesting. Folks, now what I request to you is don't say you are saviour of your culture. Don't shout out loud about Hindutva. Don't even bother about 'Sodesi'. Don't believe on Mahatma Gandhi [wait a minute; at least on his economic principles. Everyone knows what hunger is and father exactly taught how not to be productive to be hungry]. If anyone still says Indian culture is such a static thing that never changes, you are fucked up. those crazy Chinese.

Nothing to worry about though. India runs the machine around the World with it's software right? May be the banks where those Chinese keep their big chunk of profits is powered by your small tricky software. Even though Gods are now Chinese, blessing doesn't only belong to them. :) 

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