Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why doesn't Facebook allow status (post) edit?

Update: Facebook now allows to edit your status.

Facebook is now everywhere. I don't like that part. I just like social part of it. But, people use it for all sort of things, and many use it for discussion. That's worst thing about facebook. 

Recently, I am noticing that so many people want to edit status or posts they make on facebook. One by a friend today on her status.

What’s the logic when Facebook allows you to edit your comment but not your status message?
I am sure she must have made some typo mistake or something like that while using it form her phone. Now to change that she has to remove the status and type it all again. (Just a guess :D)

So, here is my answer.

Well, that's facebook product design decision. 

Say if a guy says to you 'Would you like to join me for coffee?' on his status. You like it and say 'Yes, definitely.'

But the guy edits his status after a while to 'Will you be my Valentine?'

BOOM. You got the answer. 
Yeah, that's exactly what I answered.

I again posted here since Facebook is closed network. I know so many people are asking about it. Now this answer is on open web. Yes, I hate this part of Facebook.

PS. For wiser and better answer this 


  1. smart!
    curiosity was killing me..lots of cursing as well..:D

  2. Then, a girl can edit a comment too :D