Friday, September 23, 2011

India's Dream of Californication!

Last week, Pune's Hard Rock Cafe at East Main Road was playing loud Red Hot Chilli Papers. I like that song. Not exactly the theme but music. In fact I like the twisted meaning of Californication.

US is wonderful country. California is state of fame, in different ways. Normal folks think it is all about Hollywood. Others think it is place where fortunes are made with nothing but ideas backed by all the madness. Many think Washington DC rules the world. I have big doubt. It is small town named Silicon Valley in California that actually rules this world. Thus, word Californication!

Now my own meaning of Californication is clear. Let's come to title. Is India dreaming? To be specific, of Californication? Yes. Big big Yes. In fact some say Bangalore is Silicon Vally in East. Some are so proud of Infosys. High tech service industry is all done here. That's great. There are some discussion going on Quora that this country is having start-ups Renascence. I agree lot's of things are going on. Check any particular weekend for tech related events, you won't be able to attend all of them (Apart from big corporate hangouts). Visit some colleges, I am quiet sure that you will see banners ads which says 'Join us and get your ass kicked!'

OK then, is there any Indian city head to head with Silicon Valley? I think it is not fair to compare any Eastern cities with Silicon Vally. In fact, it is totally unfair (at least for now). Everything differs between these two places. But I would have loved to call any cities here 'Innovation Hub', or 'Geeks Playground' along with 'Meditation Center' or 'Tourist Paradise'.

May be that's not just Fantasy.      

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