Monday, August 29, 2011

Dump Windows. Use Linux (Ubuntu)

It feels great. Exactly same time two weeks ago, I was writing my post on Microsoft Windows. I dumped it. Now, I am writing on Linux (Ubuntu 11.04).

Why I switched? Well, various reasons. First, it is concept of freedom that Linux carries. Second, I am fed up with windows especially pirated software (I had licensed Windows though. But we hesitate to pay Office Suite/Anti-Virus etc. $***** right?). Third is to support Open Source-FOSS movement [Yes, I mean open here not free] and to get source code myself.

With the help of my Software Developer cum philosopher friend, Linux mission finally completed with installation of Ubuntu 11.04 on my machine. To my surprise, it is beyond my expectation. Most people believe Linux is for geeks, they are simply wrong. General users can use it if they can use Windows. (Ubuntu distro obviously)

LibreOffice does everything MS Office can do. I am writing this post on LibreOffice Word and No I don't miss MS Word. Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, drawing, using formula all piece of cake.

For video and audio needs, there is VLC Media player that plays almost every formats we see there. Firefox is default browser. Tomboy do all the note taking jobs. Evolution handles E-mail, calender and To-Dos.

Most useful feature is that you don't have to install drivers for USB Data travellers and Mobile phones. No drivers required as in windows. Even no installation required. Simply plug-in and play. You can connect to USB Netconnect and Mobile Broadband/GPRS without any installation, which is if you ask me...Super COOL.

And you know another coolest thing? You don't get viruses on Linux. If you have suffered from virus attacks (I am sure, you are), format it. Reinstall. Not Windows. (Imagine you don't need to pay for regular medical check-up. Healthy forever.)

In addition to all these features that really well compete with Windows, I find it faster than Windows. It starts faster, it's better and Ubuntu 11.04 Unity feature looks sexy. So, why not switch to Linux?

  1. Only thing I miss is OneNote. (No. I don't mean Windows. But Office OneNote was one application that was very very useful and alternative is not yet developed for Linux.)
  2. I use Linux 99.99% of my total computer use. I do have Windows along with Linux, but I no more use it. No more viruses please.
  3. Ubuntu disro is most famous Linux. Latest version 11.04 [They named it Natty Narwhal]

Ubuntu Software Center makes installing applications easier than on Windows. Simply search and click install. All done. Net connection required. But, if you are voracious machine user and do lots of tweaks, then all the software needed might not be available there. Downloading form other sites and installing seems quiet time consuming.
You read this post? Really? Then Dump Windows, Use Linux.


  1. Well written, Naku. Your success story with Linux has changed my perception for Linux too. I hadn't had much time with Ubuntu although I heard its more user friendly, but my struggle moments with Fedora has me reeling, almost giving me a notion that Linux will remain for geeks. I am gonna get my laptop a dual boot ;)

  2. Cool changed your mind. I can't help but smile :)
    One of my friend too installed Ubuntu on his machine recently. He is also fully satisfied with it. That means, I am not wrong.

    All right. Go on. Install it. I need companion to further advance this mission. Some advance tweaks and tricks. And another topic to sip with Cappuccino.

  3. i wanted to use ubuntu for a long time, but due space problem i couldn't, i have installed it my desktop, but dont use it much. But few months now i have installed in my office computer .. but still have my laptop left .. it will get ubuntu soon .. :)