Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I would do if I had to start my college life again?

My college life is at the verge of extinction. I enjoyed this stage of life. I hated it sometimes. Many things I did and many things I still wish I had done. Here are the things I would do If I have to restart my college life.

(Symbol: The * sign shows things I did and # sign shows things I wish now. Without sign shows things I did but I was late or it was incomplete.)

I would:

  1. # Impress a beautiful girl on first day. Yes, I meant it. In most of times, things are on first come first serve basis. I would love/try to impress a girl.
  2. Buy a laptop. This is most essential thing in college life. Get Internet connected. World is not diverse anymore. It's divided into two, offline and online. If one indulges only in offline, he/she misses all the fun thing which comes from other.

If my major was technical/computer, I would break it down, and rebuild it. Install one of many Linux distros and ditch Uncle Bill Gay's old fashioned Windows.

  1. Get a motorbike. Need a fancy bike to ride with girls. It's hell lot of fun :D Not only for that purpose, but it is essential for commuting. Forget about school bus. That is when one is at primary school. This is the age to move fast, get things (good or bad) done. It saves time. A student can do lots of things with that time.
  2. *Watch Bollywood blockbuster 3 IDIOTS more than five times. It contains all needed inspiration for college life.
  3. Drink lots of beer. Well, there is always limit, but none seems to care at this stage. Drink lots of beer, get some joints even if it is just for testing. Try to figure out why all the big guys enjoy cigars.
  4. #From a rebel club in college which would challenge each and every beliefs we have about the individual, society and the world.

(No, I no way mean something like student union or group which would go violent.I hate students' union simply because they are all crap and they break down everything, sometimes their own backbone.

I also don't like weapons. Those are the things left alone/idle)

  1. #Join a debate club, debate about each and everything. Also, I would join a book club out of college.
  2. *Bunk lectures. I am quite sure not everything is interesting at college and it's not meant to. I would bunk lectures. There are lots of things to do rather than attending lectures with sleepy eyes. What about going for movies?
  3. *Write blogs. I would write lots of blog posts then I did. The world can read my post. I would try to challenge The Times of India. Thank you World Wide Web.
  4. Join Twitter. Facebook is for keeping track of new photo uploads from girls. Twitter is to connect like minded people. I started using it during my second year, but if I was starting college life again, I would sign up right away. Though, it is just a tool, things will change with time. But, purpose remains same. Many news Twitters are coming up/ will come.
  5. *Read history, literature, economics, business, technology and finalize my interest by the end of second year. While colleges in most of developing countries screw students on choice of subjects, we can pursue multiple interests while declaring particular major.
  6. Visit pubs, dance bars, music concerts. The world of music. The world of alcohol. The world of 'Nothing Else Matters'. Most of people who come from school don't have these experiences, in many cases we are not legally allowed to enter pubs. It's time to break some rules. They say, if you obey all the rules, you miss the fun.
  7. * Travel the cities, villages and nature. Try to understand diversity and the way it is. Spend some time with sincere people at villages. Spend hours/days just walking, stopping, laying in the peaceful places.
  8. Intern at an organization with great people. This is probably shape the life after college. And working while in college is best way to learn things. After all, we are still students.
  9. #Start a company. Yes, there is nothing risky here. If one fails, he/she can always get job somewhere as fresher. If things go right, Oh man let's not talk about that. Everyone knows about Facebook.
  10. #Play Guitar, Cricket, and other sports. Go to beach, probably Goa, do Bungee Jumping and spend some time each week/month on liberating things.
Wow, well these things seems common in many ways. Some sounds funny.

The final thing I would do is, see this list carefully once again before venturing out blindly. Big LOL.

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