Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Curious shortage of Girls at Googleville

Google+ seems very exciting. Techeople are loving it. I am loving it.

Initially, it wasn't much fun. I joined and didn't logged in for two days. Facebook and Twitter habit.

Over the time, it's getting better and better. It has all the features to socialite, same as in real life. Circles can do good job to manage people on one's network. Sparks is just great to explore contents. Google is yet to introduce groups and pages/interests. Hangout is for real life experience.

Since few days, I am using Google+ daily. Today, I just checked my circles. Then I found, all of my friends are male.

'Girls where the hell are you?'

It has better secrecy over one's contents. At the same time, It has greater openness then any other social networks. Many people are claiming it is the backbone of social web. It might be the future.

'Now, come on! Don't be left behind. Google+ is exclusively for all of us.' Join me :)

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