Friday, May 20, 2011

The Deal Maker : Only Book Youths in India Ever Need!

Do you have courage to become most prosperous in the world? Do you want to wipe poverty out of this land? Do you badly hate corruption? Do you want to solve Kashmir issues? If your answer is ‘YES’ read ahead. I am not going to show some magic tricks here but after 20/30 years, things may seem magical.

 If your answer to above questions is ‘YES’ then read a book titled ‘The Deal Maker’. Seriously, I am not making fun of you. The Deal Maker is story of a village boy near Delhi – Sudesh Kumar.  It is journey from a village boy to the Prime Minister of India. Story unfolds in between.  Here is official introduction of the book.

Witness the dream of millions of Indians come true. Witness the crown of prosperity adorning the head of India. The road to opulence kick starts with the earnest actions and sharp intellect of a village boy Sudesh. From the poverty of a village to the highest political office of India, this epic of Sudesh’s journey is woven beautifully with the epic of a rising India. It is a miraculous yet believable, a struggling yet zealous, an overwhelming yet humble account of how one man takes India to undreamt of wealth.

Let me put few points I admire about the book

   1. It’s about future. The novel starts from the year 1989. But wait, it goes till 2024 and beyond. Few past years seem exactly as our past. Birth, education and growth. However, future seems very fascinating. A village boy grows in a small village, fortunately travels to New York and finally makes to highest political office. His journey is challenging, fascinating and heart wrenching.

2.       Places are familiar. Last time I was in Kathmandu at the time of book launch. Speaker at the event Anil Chitrakar said “The places on the novel are familiar, that makes me feel like it’s my story”. The events are interwoven in urban as well as rural farms that you will actually feel like you are Sudesh yourself.

3.       Each time you read, story gets more real. There is a police officer fighting hard to control crimes rate, a family struggling hard for living, a girl who goes in brothels for money to send her brother school, a tech-geek turned millionaire entrepreneur, and boy obsessed with cricket. They all make story whole. Its novel, still feels like its real.
4.       You learn how economics works in real life.  Wadhwa teaches great economic lessons while telling engaging story. Why everyone in US have royal like lifestyle, and so many in India still starve? What went wrong with India? What motivates human being? Why AirIndia makes millions of losses? These questions will be answered. You don’t need to worry, story does teach everything.

5.       Free Economic Zones. Brilliant idea.  Here Wadhwa propose to create Free Economic Zones which are geographically part of India, but are free from any kind of administrative regulations. Low tax rate, no trade unions, free from political intererance as key features. This makes great sense. Our bureaucratic system badly needs these kinds of creative ideas. This region in the world map is one of the most hardworking and it can be productive too provided that they are set free.

6.       Liberty and Prosperity. Sudesh establishes a new party. I have heard that a section on Indian constitution is added and only socialist can register a political party. But, don’t worry. The author is law graduate and he must have figured it out legally. He hasn’t told much on the book but it gives enough inspiration to those who are looking something fresh and new in age old socialist democracy.

7.       Prime Minister is nailed. Later Sudesh is caught on a mistake he had made earlier. He is happy here and accepts rule of law. He thinks none can be above the law of the land. Every one of us accepts it right?
8.       Kashmir issue is solved. Everyone knows how hard it is to deal between India and Pakistan and primary issue is Kashmir. Sudesh has solved it using trade between two as means. Many readers will be skeptical of Wadhwa’s idea. I think new creative ideas need to be generated and tested. Nothing is working in what these two countries are on. The great new world needs different ways.

9.       India becomes largest and most prosperous country in the world.  Many economists are also predicting same. Unlike economists and data, Wadhwa gives complete details about what it takes to make on the top in the form of story.

Finally what I admire about book is its author. He says this book was conceived 25 years ago by himself. After those odd years he has given a precious gift. He has earlier written another book titled ‘India, 3rd World Why?’ in which he had advocated that ‘India can become larger than US’. He was right at that time. In 1991 liberalization started and India took off. Many people are saying same now.

So question here is ‘Are you gonna be real Sudesh Kumar?’ Make this book your guide and you should get enough inspiration to move ahead. If you love to read, there are plenty of other resources too.

[Mr. Wadhwa is Executive Director of Everest Hotel in Kathmandu. He regularly writes in leading international dailies and the book was published by Rupa. You can find in stores or order online in India. If you are in Pune I can gift it out. Email me] Here is official website The Deal Maker See interview with author about the book

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