Sunday, July 10, 2011

A cup of tea with 'Hindu Terrorist'

It rains daily in Pune(summer days). I love it. I need a cup of coffee to enjoy it. Yesterday, I was outside. It started to rain. Found a small café and went in. I ended up with tea. Not bad!

The tea shop owner was very frank. He talked about so many things. He also told me about different places in India where he had previously visited. He talked about North East, especially Darjeeling and Sikkim. I asked him why he went there?

'I am Hindu terrorist' he told and laughed like in hell.
Later he elaborated that he went there with bunch of Shiv Sena to attend a Ram Temple. I didn't ask more questions, because it really didn't matter to me. I paid for tea and left.

Later I could not forget his laughter for a while.  One thing remained in my mind;
Shiv Sena = Hindu Terrorists ?

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